Trainer Responsibilities and Invovlement

The Biophysics Graduate Degree Program boasts over 40 faculty members representing over 10 different departments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our faculty are some of the best and most innovative within the field of Biophysics. All are reviewed by the Biophysics Steering Committee and are actively involved in all operations of the program. Their dedication and input are invaluable to the Biophysics Graduate Degree Program.

Faculty trainers are expected to participate in the Biophysics program in a variety of ways. They can act as a mentor for graduate students, serve as a member of the Admissions or Steering Committee, serve as a member on Thesis Committees for students in the process of earning their PhDs, participate in recruiting and orientation evens, and present information in the Biophysics Seminar.

Admissions and Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee is headed by the chair of the program, Meyer Jackson. The committee consists of 2 current students, the program coordinator, the program chair, the admissions chair and five faculty members representing the various departments within Biophysics. When a position is vacated within the committee, the chair will send out a message looking for nominees. If you are interested in participating in the Steering Committee, please contact

The Admissions Committee is headed by the admissions chair. The chair is responsible for organizing the committee, coordinating details with the program coordinator, reviewing applications, and arranging some details for the Biophysics Recruiting Weekend. The admissions committee is comprised of four additional faculty members representing the various programs and specialties found within the program. If you are interested in participating in the Admissions Committee, please contact

Recruitment of Prospective Graduate Students:

All faculty members are expected to participate in the recruitment of Biophysics graduate students. They can do so in the following ways:

  • Attend recruiting events held during the recruiting weekend such as the Friday lunch or Friday potluck.
  • Interview prospective students during the recruiting weekend and provide the admissions committee with feedback on those meetings
  • Participate in recruiting conferences such as ABRCMS, SACNAS, or Biophysical Society
  • Communicate with interested students and refer students to the Biophysics program if they have further questions

New Student Orientation

Faculty are expected to participate in Orientation for incoming students in the following ways:

  • Communicate with the Biophysics Office prior to orientation with information about the lab, funding, and space
  • If they have available space, faculty give a 15 minute talk to the students on their lab to help students get a better idea of which lab they wish to rotate
  • If accepting students, allow students to rotate in their lab during the specified rotation slots
  • Attend orientation social activities such as the picnic or the Biophysics luncheon

Biophysics Seminar

Every semester, the chair organizes the Biophysics Seminar. The seminar features rotating talks from trainers within the program which exposes the students to various aspects of Biophysics. The chair will contact faculty every semester to request volunteers to present. Faculty should try to present when possible.