Research Spotlights

Mitchell Laboratory

The image shows the interface between angiogenin and human ribonuclease inhibitor. The interface has been colored according to local geometric complementarity using the FADE algorithm. Regions of high complementarity, shown in red, predict 'hot spot' residues in which mutation is likely to have a significant impact on binding affinity.
(Image courtesy of Steve Darnell and the J. Mitchell lab.)

Jackson Laboratory

Voltage imaging reveals responses to an electrical shock in a hippocampal slice
(Image courtesy of the M. Jackson lab)

Fox Laboratory

NMR Structure of T4moC Rieske ferredoxin
(Image courtesy of B. Fox)

Forest Laboratory

The X-Ray Crystal Structure of the Bacterial Type IV Pilus Retraction Motor, PilT
(Image courtesy of K.A. Satyshur and K. Forest lab)

Butcher Laboratory

Structural dynamics within U6 RNA. The NMR structure of the U6 RNA intramolecular stem-loop at pH 7 (blue) and pH 6 (gold), superimposed over the catalytically essential internal loop region of U6 RNA
(image courtesy of S. Butcher)