Financial/Health Insurance

A. Financial Support Overview
All Biophysics students will receive a yearly stipend and UW Graduate Student health insurance benefits. The stipend rate is set each year in July for the upcoming year. For 2017-18, the stipend is $27,000. Any student receiving a fellowship or training grant less than the current Biophysics stipend rate is required to be supplemented to reach the current Biophysics stipend rate.
First-Year Students:

  • Stipend:
    • All Biophysics students are awarded a gross, pre-tax stipend of $27,000 for the 2017-18 year for a 12-month appointment. The Biophysics program will cover rotations costs; after that, responsibility for paying the stipend will fall to the home department of the professor's lab you join
    • New students will receive the first paycheck for the days of Biophysics orientation in August on September 1st. This will be a paper check that you will need to pick up from the Biophysics office in Bock Labs. The first full paycheck for the entire month of September will be electronically deposited in your bank account in early October
    • Students will receive a paycheck at the beginning of every month from that point forward
  • Tuition:
    • Tuition is remitted; thus, students should not receive a tuition bill
    • If a student receives a tuition bill, they should contact the Biophysics Office immediately (, 608-262-3203)
    • If the Biophysics Office is not contacted about the bill, the student will be charged a $100, non-refundable late fee (Biophysics is not responsible for any late fees)
    • We are monitoring potential changes to how tuition is regarded in proposed tax legislation and will keep students apprised of new developments as necessary
  • Segregated Fees:
    • Each semester, students with a Research Assistant title will need to pay segregated fees, a UW-Madison mandated fee
    • Segregated fees cover the cost of the University Health Services, bus passes, use of the Wisconsin Unions, etc.
    • See the Registrar's Office Segregated Fee Information webpage for the exact amount of segregated fees to be paid each semester
    • Students can check their My UW financial account to view segregated fee charges
    • Fees can be paid online through My UW or at the Bursar's Office 
    • If this fee is not paid by the deadline, students will be charged a $100 non-refundable late fee (Biophysics is not responsible for any late fees)

Research Assistants:

  • Stipend:
    • The Thesis Advisor is fully responsible for the stipend
  • Tuition:
    • Tuition is remitted
  • Segregated Fees:
    • Research Assistants pay segregated fees at the beginning of each semester


  • Stipend:
    • The majority of the stipend is paid by the fellowship/training grant
    • If a fellowship/training grant funding rate is below the current Biophysics stipend rate, the student's fellowship/training grant will be supplemented to bring the stipend up to the current Biophysics stipend rate
      • The Biophysics Program will supplement a fellowship/training grant stipend for first-year rotating students until they have joined a thesis lab
      • The Thesis Advisor will supplement a fellowship/training grant stipend once the student has joined a thesis lab
  • Tuition:
    • Tuition is remitted
  • Segregated Fees:
    • Paid by the fellowship/training grant

B. Health Insurance:

  • Graduate students including research assistants, fellows, and trainees are eligible for health insurance plans offered by UW-Madison
  • Single and family health care coverage plans are available
  • Benefits premiums are automatically deducted from the student's monthly paychecks
  • Benefits forms must be completed and returned to the Biophysics Office during the orientation week to ensure insurance coverage begins on September 1st
  • There is an open enrollment period every October if you want to make changes to your health care coverage plans
  • Graduate Assistant Health Insurance: includes health insurance descriptions and contact information for each plan
  • General Employee Benefits: includes information about health insurance, life insurance, and other benefits