Thesis Defense

A. Overview
The Thesis Defense is a presentation of the student's independent research topic, an overview of the experiments completed, and a summary of the analyzed data and results. Most students are able to complete their PhD within five to six years after entering the Biophysics Program. The Thesis Defense must be completed within five years after completion of the Preliminary Exam. For more information on this policy, see the Graduate School Academic Policies and Procedures website.
B. Requirements to Complete
At Least Three Weeks Prior to the Thesis Defense:

  • Schedule the Thesis Defense with the Thesis Committee
  • Send an email notification with the scheduled date, defense location, defense time, thesis title,  and listing of thesis committee members to the Biophysics Office
  • The Biophysics Office will then request a warrant from the Graduate School
  • Upon approval, the Graduate School will issue the warrant to the Biophysics Office electronically
  • When the warrant has been received from the Graduate School, the Biophysics Office will let the student know they can pick up the warrant
  • Read through the Graduate School's page on "Completing Your Degree"
  • Follow the instructions outlined in the Graduate School publication to submit Thesis Defense:
  • If changes in the Thesis Committee are made after a warrant has been requested, then a new request must be made to the Graduate School for approval and issuance of a new warrant

At Least Two Weeks Prior to the Thesis Defense:

  • Submit a copy of the Thesis Defense to all members of the Thesis Committee
  • The Biophysics Office will create a Thesis Defense flyer and distribute this announcement to the current Biophysics faculty trainer and graduate student email list
  • Notify your departmental payroll coordinator of the date you are expecting to defend and deposit your thesis

At the Thesis Defense:

  • All five committee members must be present
  • Give a presentation about the research
  • Defend and answer questions asked by the Thesis Committee
  • Obtain signatures of all Thesis Committee members on the Thesis Defense warrant

Following the Thesis Defense:

  • Submit Thesis Defense electronically
  • Contact the Graduate School (262-2433) to schedule an appointment for the final review
  • All corrections and revisions of the Thesis Defense must be made before submitting your Thesis Defense
  • For more information, see Dissertation Submission for PhD Students

Submit the Following Materials:

  • To the Biophysics Office:
    • A copy of the warrant, signed by all Thesis Committee members
    • The Forwarding Address form
    • Thesis Abstract
    • A copy of the thesis cover page
  • To the Graduate School:
  • Thesis Defense warrant
  • Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) certificate of completion
  • Graduate School Doctoral Exit Survey (DES) certificate of completion