First-Year Rotating Students
In early July, new students will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office inviting them to enroll. At this time, students will register for both 990 research credits and other courses. The number of research credits is selected to bring the total to a full-time load of 8-15 credits (typically this is 3 or more 990 research credits). During the first semester, students register for research credits in the Neuroscience department under Meyer Jackson (Biophysics Program Chair).
To register, the student needs an active ‘My UW’ account ( and student ID number. Registration can be completed at the student’s ‘My UW’ page, under the student services tab, click student center. 
Continuing Students:

  • Non-Dissertator Status (has not passed prelim exams):
    • Students must register for a full-time credit load in the fall and spring semesters (8-15 credits). It is recommended that students apportion these credits between courses, seminar and 990 research. 990 research credits are registered under the department of the Thesis Advisor.
    • You must be registered for at least 8 credits of graduate level work
    • During the summer session, students must register for 2 credits (usually 990 research credits).
  • Dissertator Status (has passed both prelim exams):
    • Students must register for 3 credits directly related to their dissertation research in each fall, spring and summer terms until graduation. 
    • Audits and pass/fail do not satisfy Dissertator Status requirements

 For key registration deadlines, see the Registrar’s Website: