New Student Information

A. Overview
There are many things that new students must complete before and soon after arriving at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. New students will receive an email notification instructing them to activate their UW email address, NetID, and to register for 990 research credits prior to arriving at UW-Madison.
B. Wiscmail and NetID

  • To establish a UW email account (Wiscmail), visit, click on "My UW"
  • Students will need a student ID number and their date of birth to activate their Wiscmail account
  • Follow the instructions to create a NetID and password
  • Students should notify the Biophysics Office ( of their email address
  • If problems occur, contact the DoIT Office (264-4357)

C. 990 Research Credits
Incoming rotation students follow the procedure below to register for eight credits of Physiology 990 research with Dr. Meyer Jackson (Biophysics Program Chair).

  • To register for 990 research credits:
  • Visit, click on "My UW"
  • Log into "My UW" using the UW NetID and password
  • Click on the "Student Center" link in the top right corner (a new window will pop up)
  • Click the blue "Course Enrollment" link
  • Under the "add" tab, select term: Fall 2015-16
  • In the blank field that states "Enter Class Nbr," fill in 72113
  • In the field that states "Units," select 8 from the pull-down menu, then click "Next"
  • Click "Next" again
  • On the following screen select "Proceed to Step 2 of 3"
  • Select "Finish Enrolling"
  • The class schedule can now be viewed

D. Coursework

  • Biophysics students will choose their courses following Orientation

E. Health Insurance

  • In the summer, incoming rotation students will be sent benefits information with instructions and application forms
  • Benefits packets must be completed and submitted to the Biophysics Office

F. UW ID Card

  • A UW ID card (Wiscard) is a student's campus photo ID
  • To obtain a Wiscard, students must be registered for at least eight credits
  • Students will be able to pick up obtain their Wiscard during Orientation
  • Personal ID (drivers license, passport, or state issued ID) must be presented when requesting an initial or replacement Wiscard

G. Bus Pass

  • Graduate students are eligible for a free City of Madison Metro unlimited ride bus pass
  • A valid Wiscard must be presented in order to pick up a bus pass
  • New fall 2015 bus passes will be available beginning August 24.  Visit the link for details about where to pick up your bus pass.

H. Biological Safety at UW-Madison
There are various safety trainings that a student may need to take when working in a lab on campus. If a student is working with animals or radiation, UW-Madison requires that the student complete the necessary training. For each lab rotation, the student should check with each faculty trainer about which training sessions he/she will need to attend for that specific lab. Below are the various training courses offered by the UW Office of Biological Safety. 

  • Biological Safety Training:
  • All training is administered through the UW Office of Biological Safety
  • For more information, see the Biological Safety Training website
  • Additional training is offered for lab animal certification, chemical safety training, hazardous materials, and radiation safety