Cranefield Awards Given to Biophysics Trainer and Student

Biophysics trainer, Dr. Baron Chanda, was awarded the 2013 Cranefield award of the Society of Physiology. This award is given to a young, independent investigator to recognize excellence and the publication of an outstanding article. Dr. Chanda received the award for his paper "Stimating the voltage-dependent free energy change of ion channels using the median voltage for activation" (JGP 2012: 139(1), 3-17). In addition, Dr. Chanda's Biophysics graduate student, Sandipan Chowdhury also received a Cranefield award for his excellent work in Physiology and his major role/contribution in the writing of an article. Congratulations to both Dr. Chanda and Sandipan Chowdhury on this fantastic accomplishment!


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