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The Biophysics Graduate Degree Program is currently accepting applications to join our 2020 class of incoming students! Please use the official UW-Madison Graduate school application portal here. As a reminder, we don't require the GRE as part of our application. There is a spot on the application for GRE scores, but you do not have to provide them in order to be considered for an interview. 

Badger Business Solutions — a team of graduate students and a postdoctoral researcher representing the departments and programs of Biochemistry, Chemistry, Food Science, and Biophysics — won third place at the Tufts New England Case Competition (TUNECC) on Friday, Aug. 3, 2018. The team included Munish Chhabra, a biophysics Ph.D. student in the lab of chemistry professor Tom Record; Alex Harwig, a postdoctoral scholar in the lab of biochemistry professor Bob Landick; Jennifer Yao, a Biophysics Ph.D. student in the lab of chemistry professor Sam Gellman; and Jonathan Valdez, a master’s student in the Department of Food Science.

Members of the team learned how to analyze and make recommendations based on quarterly reports and financial and scientific documents. They also learned how to work on teams and about what careers exist outside of academia. “As a graduate student, you are often working alone on your own project so being able to work on a team was a great learning experience,” Yao says. “I learned to trust the analysis and expertise of my teammates.”
“It was great to compete as a school from the Midwest and I opened our presentation with ‘We are Badger Business Solutions and have flown all the way from Madison, Wisconsin to help Seres Therapeutics in the TUNECC 2018 competition,’ ” Chhabra says. “I think the judges were impressed we had come all that way. We were very proud to represent UW–Madison from the Midwest.”

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